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Recognized Expertise

"Netpulsion delivered the portal on time and consistently recognized required updates in advance of our marketing team. I strongly recommend this firm to deliver a project of this magnitude with expectations being exceeded."

Ray Samuels
Former Senior VP, Marketing & Sales Planet Energy Corp.

Online Ordering System enables PE to quickly enter new US and Canadian markets

Planet Energy is a leading North American provider of sustainable and renewable energy products and services, helping homeowners and businesses alike become completely emission free with truly affordable 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral natural gas plans.


In 2010, Planet Energy entered into a business partnership with ACN – one of the world's largest direct marketing companies to offer its products trough ACN's network of 250,000 representatives. A critical component of this partnership was Planet Energy's commitment to build an online sales portal within very limited time frame. Also, the platform had to be flexible enough to enable quick rollout in new territories, each with unique market requirements and regulatory obligations.


Our experienced team working on Netpulsion technology solution platform using superior processes enabled us to deploy the first version of portal in time, while satisfying all other requirements. We designed and built a robust and extendible system that is very easy to use. Over the course of next year, we expanded solution to 6 other markets helping Planet Energy to meet all contractual obligations.


  • Sales portal was launched in the first territory (Ontario, Canada) within only 8 weeks, quickly expanding to additional Canadian provinces and 3 US states (NY, PA, MD) in 2 month intervals between them. Our flexible solution architecture enabled us to accommodate specific regulatory rules for each of the markets quickly and efficiently.
  • Online sales portal processes over 15,000 applications per month.
  • Netpulsion has been providing ongoing consulting, technical support for the third year now.


Planet Energy is a deregulated energy service provider, operating in Canada and the United States of America. With the changing regulatory landscape we commissioned Netpulsion to develop an online sales portal to support two commodities, multiple utilities in multiple languages throughout North America. Netpulsion delivered the portal on time and consistently recognized required updates in advance of our marketing team. I strongly recommend this firm to deliver a project of this magnitude with expectations being exceeded.

Ray Samuels
Former Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Planet Energy Corp.

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Partner Portal enables Sangoma to streamline partner relationship management

Sangoma Technologies Corp. (TSXV: STC) is a premium provider of hardware and software telephony solutions. Their business spans the globe and is being delivered via 1400 affiliates in 115 countries.


Supporting hundreds of partner companies in virtually all time zones proved to be increasingly difficult. The process was relying on many manual tasks. Software applications used were not integrated and were, in some cases, redundant. Lack of features like online product ordering directly affected the bottom line.


To address these challenges Sangoma engaged Netpulsion to create a unified online Partner Portal. The solution:

  • Enabled Sangoma staff to manage online content and data easily, as well as direct communication with resellers, distributors and solution providers.
  • Integrated new platform into the existing systems – Accounting, third party CRM and Support Ticketing system.
  • Provided tools to a global network of partners to market Sangoma products in local markets while enforcing consistent brand communication.
  • Enabled partners to order products online with ease.


  • The portal has been successfully adopted by partner community.
  • Number of active companies interacting on partner portal grew from under 200 to over 1400 in the first 3 years since the system was put into production.
  • Online orders grew from one million dollars in the first year after Netpulsion built the online ordering system to over two million 2 years later.
  • Number of incidents of "Minimum Advertised Price" policy violations reduced to virtually zero after we put the system in place to monitor pricing of Sangoma products all over the Internet.
  • Efficiency improvements from automating various processes, centralizing the data stores and integrating with third party systems resulted in significant time and cost savings, allowing Sangoma to focus resources on their core business.
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SFC hits multiple targets with rollout of new Member Portal and public website

The Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC) is the national sport body responsible for the promotion, development and governing of organized, recreational and competitive target shooting in and for Canada.


Faced with the growing popularity of the association, SFC needed to reassess their online strategy, especially in the area of membership program and event management. The main objectives were to:

  • Improve efficiency of SFC office staff
  • Provide SFC services and products to member base
  • Improve communication with members
  • Provide insight into important data metrics to the executive team, supporting them in their decision making


As a strategic partner, Netpulsion worked closely with the SFC to develop effective member portal, fully integrated into public website and related administration and reporting tools - all running on a common platform and unified data store.


Improving Efficiancy

Largest efficiency gains are result of moving various business processes online thus making various administrative tasks simpler and faster to do. This also enabled members to complete various tasks on their own.

  • SFC managed to reallocate two full time personnel to other tasks while managing the same set of duties with one part time employee.
  • Training time for new administrative staff was cut from three to under a week.
  • Time spent managing competition results has been improved by a level of magnitude. I.e. entering competition information consisting of a large number of individual results used to take several hours using the old system. With new system data import takes just 15 minutes.
Enabling product and service sales

Netpulsion platform provided streamlined online acquisition of new members and partners. Also, it enabled online sales of SFC's products and services with complete e-commerce solution.

  • Membership renewal gap lowered from months to weeks on average due to automated reminder process and online membership renewal feature.
  • Sales of SFC merchandise increased several times over in the first year since e-commerce solution is in place.
Improving communication with members and partners

Significant improvement of SFC's communication with its members after we enabled delivery of targeted content. Also, implementation of problem and suggestion reporting tool, as well as the use of automated surveys significantly improved issue identification and resolution.Improved communication on the public and member facing websites resulted in better website usage metrics:

  • Traffic bounce rate lowered by 60%
  • Average time spent on site more than tripled.
  • Surveys conducted with website users showed greatly increased the overall experience.
Providing data insight to executive team

To enable the creation of meaningful reports we first needed to centralize data that was spread across multiple, non-integrated systems. Second step was to enable our reporting tools which provided SFC executive team with both on-demand and scheduled reports.


Netpulsion helped SFC transform its data collection, processing and sharing. SFC was using paper forms for most of data gathering and all data updates and entry were done by office staff. Netpulstion helped SFC define new processes for data management and implemented back end system with front end web portal. Web portal allows for data access and modification by all users and saving SFC significant amount of personnel hours. Furthermore, back and system provides easy and complete access to all of SFC's managed data from a single interface, helping day to day operation both to SFC's office staff and volunteers.

Asmir Arifovic,


Order Management System improves agent performance and reduces IT calls in Dell's customer contact centres

Dell's Toronto and Ottawa customer contact centres provide support for the company's growing North American client base, selling a comprehensive portfolio of products and services directly to end users.


Dell Canada partnered with Telus and Bell Mobility, to start offering mobile data and voice plans as well as related devices to their clients. Dell marketing team reached out to Netpulsion with the requirement to build an online solution to streamline the process of collecting orders, managing the fulfillment process, and providing up-to-date reports.


Netpulsion built a system for managing mobile broadband orders, as well system for managing high speed Internet orders on the top single integrated platform. Also, orders placed by end users directly on the Dell Canada website are also handled by the same system.


  • Total number of calls handled per agent increased by almost 15% by reducing time it takes for an agent to complete the order.
  • Number of support calls related to problems with ordering system to internal IT team reduced by over 80% after introducing the new system.
  • Whole process is fully integrated in a secure way, eliminating the need for manual data file transfer between different applications.
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